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Our move to Shanghai has seen a marked improvement in our everyday living conditions. We know have a second bedroom finally and a lovely flat screen tv attached to the wall. We are spoilt with three air-conditioner and most importantly - I have a kitchen! Mr John is so excited as I have already made a pie in our new oven. Bliss


Having spent nearly eight months in the house provided by the school, an apartment came free in the building behind us.  This doesn't happen very often so we were lucky to get in.  We're still getting little bits and pieces, so it's a work in progress.  The most exciting bit is to have a kitchen space and we've bought a gas camping burner so we can cook things.  I hope you enjoy looking at our house and there are more photos here

Thought I'd best share some photos of where we're living at the moment.

One in a "terrace" of houses, I've put our little Flags onto the window shutters so Mr John can easily identify which house he needs to go into to.

This is the lounge looking back towards the front door

This is the other half of the lounge looking towards the back of the house.

From the back yard, you can look back into the "kitchen" area. I'm guessing if we had any appliances, this is where they'd be.

We have an eclectic bathroom / kitchen!  Well, the metal frame you can see has the kitchen sink on the top which has a pipe leading straight down from the plug and finishes about 2 inches / 5 cm above the frame.  This means the water runs out all over the floor, so the bathroom's the only place to have it.  I think it's made of aluminium so it's really light to pick up, which means I can move it to the tap that's near the shower when I hand wash our "smalls".

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